• “Strategy,that differentiates,is strategy,that accelerates”

  • “Strategy,that excites,is strategy,that wins”

  • “Strategy,that is simple,is strategy,that works”


Has your company’s growth stagnated?

Does your company lack a strong differentiation in the market?

Is the corporate spirit of your organization on a downswing?


Transformation and acceleration

I develop and drive the strategic transformation for your company in strong collaboration with you and your management team.

In the first phase we work together to reimagine and reframe the business potential of your company.

In the second phase we collaborate to design the strategy, that both improves your short term performance and unleashes your greater potential in the longer term.

Unique from within

I create and drive the implementation of your company’s unique identity and business model in a strong collaboration with you and your management team.

A strong differentiation is the foundation for both accelerating the growth of your company and building a strong culture.

Leadership that drives the future

I inspire you to drive innovative leadership towards the future.

Unleashing the true potential of your company takes a clear direction for your company and requires employees to develop new profitable products and business models.


  • IT Relation
  • KK Wind Solutions
  • Sun Air of Scandinavia
  • KD Emballage
  • Business Institute Denmark
  • Agromek
  • Trim IT
  • Dinesen Flooring
  • Sargossa
  • Atea
  • Ball Group
  • Bestseller
  • Jack & Jones
  • Only Jeans
  • Bones Restauranter
  • Boswell
  • Fredericia Furniture
  • Spar Nord Bank
  • Sportigan
  • UnoForm


Strategy in Action

Sun, 10/22/2017 - 19:33

On a winning streak

Being on the board of FC Midtjylland is an exciting job. Being on a winning streak not only make us proud, it motivates even more innovative thinking and hard work on and off the pitch.

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:43

Strategy launch in Sun-Air of Scandinavia

Following almost a year of preparations we just launched the Sun-Air transformation strategy for the entire organization. Great days with great employees. Simply put in Sun-Air We Rise To Shine.

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:41

Writing retreat

Klitmoller, the danish surfmekka known as Cold Hawaii, is one of my favourite writing retreats. No doubt it’s going a lot better with my upcoming book, than it does with my surfing.


Hunger in Paradise

How to save succes from failure er undertitlen


The CEO's Guide to

Hunger in Paradis


Henrik Hyldgaard

Innovative strategic thinker and driver.
Strategic partner for the managment team.
Co-author of the book ”Hunger In Paradise”.